5 Benefits of Integrating Surescripts With Healthcare System

5 Benefits of Integrating Surescripts With Healthcare System

Surescripts is a network that connects healthcare providers, nurses and pharmacists who share patient’s Prescription data seamlessly between systems. 

By taking advantage of Surescripts ePrescription integration solutions for healthcare professionals can make more informed treatment decisions by using Formulary Checks as well as digital transmission of prescription leading to improved patient care outcomes. 

This article shares some benefits of incorporating Surescripts into electronic health record (EHR) systems.

1. Medication Affordability:

Surescripts integration addresses medication affordability by giving healthcare professionals access to patient’s health plan coverage information. 

With this integration, providers can review a list of drugs covered by each patient’s plan to ensure affordable medication, and refillable supplies can be obtained without unexpected costs arising for either patients or providers – improving medication adherence and overall treatment outcomes.

2. Overcome Gaps in Data: 

Gaps in medical data can lead to medication errors and misdiagnoses that can endanger patient safety. 

Surescripts integration addresses this challenge by compiling patient records from various sources to provide healthcare providers access to an integrated patient medication history. 

This approach ensures that healthcare providers have all the information needed for making informed decisions regarding treatments and care, regardless of where their data resides.

3. Lower Duplications:

Repetitive data entries of healthcare services like tests and prescriptions waste resources while increasing healthcare costs. 

Surescripts integration reduces duplication by connecting healthcare stakeholders nationwide, such as providers, nurses, pharmacists and caregivers – allowing them to transmit ePrescriptions along with Formulary checks enabling better care for patients.

Providers, patients and payers reap the benefits of increased efficiency and cost savings from Surescripts integration.

4. Surescripts E-Prescription Solutions:

Surescripts’ flagship product, ePrescription solutions, has revolutionized the prescription process by eliminating paper prescriptions. 

By integrating Surescripts into EHR systems, providers can electronically transmit prescriptions directly to pharmacists without risking loss of prescriptions or illegible prescriptions. 

This approach increases convenience while simultaneously decreasing manual errors and fraud potential. 

Furthermore, electronic prescriptions allow healthcare professionals to gain access to patient medical history, which facilitates better treatment decisions while mitigating concerns regarding controlled substance distribution.

5. Surescripts Integration for Telehealth:

Telehealth has revolutionized how medical services are delivered remotely. Integrating Surescripts solutions into telehealth enables providers to offer virtual consultations and prescribe medications electronically.

Integrating electronic prescription software enables healthcare professionals to access patient’s medication history during telehealth visits, enabling them to make informed prescription decisions. Not only does this integration enhances remote care, but can also prevent prescription drug misuse or abuse.

As the healthcare industry adopts innovative technologies, seamless sharing of patient data becomes paramount to providing high-quality care. Surescripts integration offers an effective solution to address these fragmented data systems. 

By incorporating it into EHR platforms, healthcare providers can benefit from increased medication affordability, reduced duplications, improved prescription accuracy and leverage telehealth capabilities.

These advantages of Surescripts integration contribute to improved patient outcomes, cost savings, and effective management of prescription medications.

Embracing of Surescripts integration by Healthcare organizations makes adaptation to be quick in an ever-evolving environment while offering optimal and cost effective patient care.