The client is a USA-based leading global business and IT consulting firm that develops and implements technology solutions. One of our client’s customers offers offshore software development services to Parking Management Services providers covering a wide range of management activities including Parking Slot Management, Hot List management, and Parking Ticket Issuing.


The Client wanted to design and develop an integrated, configurable, multi-database support, secured and user-friendly platform for effectively managing Vehicle Parking. The significant functionalities proposed were Parking Alarm Generation, Identification of Hot Listed and White Listed vehicles, Parking Ticket Issuing using multiple databases (SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite), and Multiple machine compatibility (thick client or thin client).


We Designed and Developed multiple database-compliant systems leveraging .NET Framework that helped users to see vehicles in a very secure platform. We developed Parking Alarm Management System, Hot List Management System, Traffic History Management Module, and Parking Ticket Generation System for Concerned Authorities.


.NET Frame Work, Telerik, AJAX, JQuery, SQL Server, My SQL, SQLite


The SaaS-based technology platform has helped concerned authorities in managing the parking lots with higher effectiveness and maximize their revenue. It has not only helped them in generating different alarms and tickets but also in managing parking lots more effectively.