Azure Development Services

Select knowledgeable partners to receive complete Azure cloud development services customized to your company’s requirements. Take advantage of the smooth integration of Microsoft Azure app services with online and mobile apps. With years of expertise, we set up Azure consulting services for cost-effectiveness, scalable IT infrastructure, and satisfied clients.
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Why Choose Azure?

Utilize Microsoft Azure's capabilities to introduce new software, migrate current software, promote extensive teamwork and collaborations through the use of Azure tools, protect your data reserve, and receive round-the-clock assistance and troubleshooting.

Budgetary Control

Reduce capital expenditures for data center computing infrastructure, depreciation, and hardware and data upkeep significantly.

Agility Quotient

Throughout the development stage, continuously develop, test, incorporate input, and re-engineer. Determine possible bottlenecks and take steps to reduce risks.

Service Range

Execute bespoke software development solutions and transition from current legacy systems. Connect powerful service providers such as Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, and so forth.

Simple Scalability

Adjust to your own business needs as well as the expectations of the shifting market. Requirements can be scaled up or down without requiring further code to be included.

Worldwide Reach

Utilize global data centers to transform your company. Azure-backed cloud ecosystems enable dynamic building, sharing, access, and collaboration.

Enhanced Security

Users with personal or business accounts can securely log in to access enterprise data. Make use of the security quotient of security elements that are updated frequently.

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Azure Development Services

Leverage the potential of Windows Azure application development services to open up countless opportunities for the expansion of your company. Our knowledgeable team guarantees cutting-edge Microsoft Azure cloud solutions in the dynamic digital landscape, from developing dependable and scalable cloud-native apps to facilitating smooth integration with current systems.

Cloud-Based Software

Our developers are skilled in using the Azure interface, PowerShell, and CLI to create virtual machines (VMs). These virtual machines (VMs) can be accessed via the Azure AD account and identity server, either publicly or exclusively within the VNet.

Constant Observation

We can deliver email alerts and push notifications using Azure domain services and notification servers. You can receive notifications in Azure Monitor when a threshold is crossed by one of your metrics by using metric alerts.

Deployment of Serverless Computing

Together with Azure Data Lake, Azure functions and Azure web tasks can be configured by our serverless developers. You don't need to provide any infrastructure in order to deploy web applications and services created with.NET, Java, PHP, Python, and many more languages on Azure App Services and Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS).

Azure Machine Learning and Analytics

Without requiring infrastructure maintenance, our Azure Data Lake Analytics facilitates the development and execution of massively parallel data transformation and processing applications in R, Python, and U-SQL. It only pays for completed tasks, scales fast, and processes data on demand.

Azure IoT

Our IoT team uses open, scalable, and secure edge-to-cloud technologies from Microsoft Cloud to swiftly transform your idea into reality. Using the aggregated data, we apply AI features like Azure's Cognitive Services to forecast when your equipment needs maintenance, when inventory needs to be replaced, and other related tasks.

Streaming services and storage

The two finest uses of this service are Blog S3 Global content distribution and Azure disk storage. When it comes to data, we can breathe a sigh of comfort knowing that blog and Azure file storage have an extremely safe architecture, and that CloudFront takes care of organizing, maintaining, and presenting all of your content effectively.

Database Administration

We can quickly create dedicated database instances with this Azure consulting service, which are fully managed by the Azure support team and able to accommodate various database engines like Azure SQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, and more.

Experience Rapid Development

Rapid Development : Experience the Turbo

A User Centric Agile Development Process fostering rapid time to market for your Mobile Apps. In the days when Time-to-Market is the key differentiator, we use our innovative TURBO framework to make sure that you have the shortest time to market with MVP before building the full blown App.

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Why entrust your software vision to Taction's expertise

The goals of Taction Software’s Azure Development Services are to drive intelligent user experiences, boost productivity and profitability, and optimize business process efficiency. By utilizing MS Azure’s capabilities, we create incredibly scalable, flexible, and high-performing apps and provide on-demand cloud storage.

The extremely capable Azure developers at Taction Software can provide cost-effective, customized, and safe solutions to your business’s issues.

  • Quality Products: Attraction, you will get quality products as we always refine the product based on user feedback until it perfectly matches your original expectations.
  • Proven Track Record:We have a Proven track record in building successful MVPs for our clients.
  • Expert Engineers: We have 400+ Software Engineers and Technical Staff with entirely transparent procedures.
  • Quick Progress: With quality, we also focus on providing fast delivery to our client with the best engineer support to reduce Development time.


The fact that we are the leading Azure Development Company in the US is confirmed by our accolades and recognitions, which companies consider when considering a software segment expansion.

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STEP 1. Analyze Your Problem Statement

Our Azure specialists plan your idea by depth research and analyzing the market to meet the latest requirements.

STEP 2. An in-depth review of the prerequisites

Our UI/UX specialists develop a user-friendly and intuitive interface during the design phase. This includes making the visual elements of your Azure software that users will engage with.

STEP 3. Work on the development roadmap and strategy

We follow industry standards and security guidelines while developing Azure software, adhering to the best methods available. Developing the front-end and back-end infrastructure as well as integrating the application with external APIs are included in this step.

STEP 4. Testing

Our quality assurance team will review and test your application with test-driven-development process to meet the edge cases. It helps to test the application before creating also to reduce errors in your app.

STEP 5. Deployment

Our software developers eventually release your software on app stores, allowing consumers to download and utilize it after it has completed the aforementioned steps.

STEP 6. Maintenance

Your Azure software must receive regular security and functional updates to guarantee faultless operation. We provide an ongoing post-app launch service.

Azure Development Expertise In Different Industries

  • Healthcare

  • Automotive

  • Fintech

  • Retail & eCommerce

  • Manufacturing

  • Telecommunications

  • Education & eLearning

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Logistics & Transportation

  • Non-Profit Organisation

  • Real Estate

  • Professional Services

Technologies We used in Healthcare Software Solutions

We use a variety of reliable technologies for Healthcare Development to match your unique requirements.

Programming Languages

  • ReactJS
  • Node JS
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Next Js
  • Angular
  • ASP.Net
  • Python
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • Laravel

Integration Standards

1. HL7 2. FHIR 3. DICOM 4. CCDA 5. EDI (835, 837, 270, 271) 6. ICD-9 7. ICD-10

Privacy and Security Standards


Answering Azure queries (FAQs)

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Taction offers a range of software development services, including custom software development, mobile app development, integration solutions, ETL, and Healthcare.
Yes, Taction software is equipped to handle projects of all sizes. We have experience in developing solutions for both small businesses and large enterprises.
At Taction, we prioritise security. We implement robust security measures to protect your software solutions, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.
At Taction, we prioritise security. We implement robust security measures to protect your software solutions, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.
At Taction, we prioritise security. We implement robust security measures to protect your software solutions, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.
At Taction, we prioritise security. We implement robust security measures to protect your software solutions, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.
At Taction, we prioritise security. We implement robust security measures to protect your software solutions, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.