Microsoft Power BI Services

Elevate your business with comprehensive Power BI solutions, integrating CRM, ERP, HRMS, and IoT data for real-time analytics and strategic decision-making.
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Our Microsoft BI Services

Transforming Business Dynamics with Seamless Microsoft Power BI Integration and Data-driven Decision-making

Microsoft Power BI Integration Solutions

Our seamless integration process consolidates CRM data, including leads, clients, vendors, and sales pipeline information, into a unified Power BI dashboard. Customization options and report generation further enhance your data visualization experience.

Enterprise Data Warehousing with SQL Server Integration

Utilizing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), our Power BI experts ensure efficient enterprise data warehousing. Tasks such as data mining, cleansing, and quality maintenance are executed to provide a robust foundation for custom visualizations and analytics.

Power BI and ERP Integration for Real-time Operational Insights

Experience uninterrupted integration of ERP data into Power BI, offering real-time insights into procurement, accounting, and supply chain operations. Visualize crucial analytics on a dashboard, empowering informed decision-making in project and risk management.

HRMS Integration: Elevating People Analytics with Power BI

Integrate your Human Resource Management System (HRMS) seamlessly with Power BI. Our custom dashboards provide stakeholders with valuable insights into workforce cost, attrition rates, and employee performance through relevant KPIs.

Harnessing IoT Data with Power BI Integration

Realize the potential of IoT data by integrating your IoT Management System with Power BI. Visualize real-time analytics to assess device effectiveness and functionality, enabling informed decisions and strategic business growth.

Top-notch Microsoft Power BI Consulting Services

Our seasoned Power BI consultants assess feasibility and create tailored plans for your project. Following BI best practices, we ensure rapid turnaround, delivering a BI solution designed to meet your unique business needs.

Custom Power BI Dashboard Development

Transform various datasets into interactive visuals with our Power BI experts. Personalize dashboards for faster decision-making and seamlessly embed visuals into applications of your choice.

Automated Data Analysis with R and Python

Utilizing R and Python, we automate data analysis, providing dynamic, real-time stats on your Power BI dashboard. This automation facilitates data shaping, predictions, and supports sound business decision-making.

Comprehensive Power BI Data Management

From data ingestion to defining data flows, our support team handles it all. We assist with data cleansing, streaming, and enrichment, ensuring seamless integration of all data files in Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS).

Strategic Microsoft Power BI Implementation

Our implementation strategy is tailored to your business needs. Post-implementation, regular health check-ups prevent conflicts or errors, and our support team troubleshoots any encountered issues, ensuring a robust Power BI system.

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Rapid Development: Experience the Turbo

A User Centric Agile Development Process fostering rapid time to market for your Mobile Apps. In the days when Time-to-Market is the key differentiator, we use our innovative TURBO framework to make sure that you have the shortest time to market with MVP before building the full blown App.

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Custom Software Development at taction Software

Why entrust your software vision to Taction's expertise

Embark your Microsoft BI project by implementing laser-focused procedures for creating incredibly effective custom designs and custom user experiences. Our mission is to provide transparent, and tailored solutions for your business.
  • Quality Products: At Taction, you will get quality products as we always refine the product based on user feedback until it perfectly matches your original expectations.
  • Proven Track Record: We have a Proven track record in building successful MVPs for our clients.
  • Expert Engineers: We have 150+ Software Engineers and Technical Staff with entirely transparent procedures.
  • Quick Progress:With quality, we also focus on providing fast delivery to our client with the best engineer support to reduce Software Development time.


The fact that we are the leading Microsoft Power BI Services company in the US is confirmed by our accolades and recognitions, which companies consider when considering a software segment expansion.

Technologies We used in Healthcare Software Solutions

We use a variety of reliable technologies for Healthcare Development to match your unique requirements.

Programming Languages

  • ReactJS
  • Node JS
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Swift
  • Java
  • Next Js
  • Angular
  • ASP.Net
  • Python
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • Laravel

Integration Standards

1. HL7 2. FHIR 3. DICOM 4. CCDA 5. EDI (835, 837, 270, 271) 6. ICD-9 7. ICD-10

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